Watt Watchers

Watt Watchers is a group of students from both 5th and 6th grades who are helping this campus work at saving energy and dollars.  Groups of 2 students are scheduled each day throughout the week that patrol the classes and offices to make sure that if no one is in the rooms, the lights are turned off.  If there is no one in the room and the lights are on, a reminder is left to ask that next time the light are turned off to save energy.  These students are responsible for getting their WattWatcher binder, making their rounds and recording results on the patrol record log, making sure they have the supplies they need and also getting back to class in a timely manner. 
We also have 4 groups of students that are on the Computer Crew.  They go to their assigned computer lab at dismissal each day and make sure all computers and monitors are off for the day.
All the students working with the WattWatcher program on our campus are responsible and reliable.  The program would not work without their dedication.
If you are interested in the Watt Watchers program, please contact Diana Perry-Wiggen or call 713-740-5238.