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Peer Mediators

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  • Conflicts between students are a part of daily life in schools.  Conflicts that are most common include name-calling, rumors, and friendships gone amiss.  Mediation is a conflict resolution approach where disputants have the opportunity to discuss and resolve conflict peacefully. 
  • Peer mediation is the process of students solving their own conflicts with adult supervision.  Mediation hearings are conducted by a trained student mediator.  The peer mediator is a neutral, outside third party, not associated with the conflict.  Mediators keep all information pertaining to the hearing confidential.
  • Referrals to peer mediation may be made through the Counseling Center.  5th and 6th grade students may be referred to peer mediation to resolve conflict.
  • Peer mediation is an opportunity for students to learn leadership, communication, critical thinking, and the problem-solving skills necessary to become productive members of society. 
  • Peer Mediators are chosen based on characteristics such as people skills, leadership potential, respect of peers or ability to gain respect, good verbal skills, good listening skills, and an ability to honor and maintain confidentiality.

If you are interested in learning more about Peer Mediation, please contact LaKiesha Talbert or call 713-740-5238. 

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