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Campus History

Earnesteen Milstead Middle School

Pasadena Independent School District welcomed it's second Middle School to the district on August 28, 2007.  Earnesteen Milstead Middle School opened it's doors to at 338 Gilpin Street in Houston with Shannon Trejo as its first principal. The school offers state-of-the-art education to fifth and sixth grade students within the new concept of a 5/6 center. 

In 2011, the school’s enrollment increased to 950 students and remained at that level until Sullivan Middle School opened in 2016. In 2013, in response to the growing population, an additional gym was built. In 2017, during the disastrous flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey, no harm came to Milstead’s building, however, the surrounding community was greatly impacted. In 2020, the school’s enrollment averaged around 775 students. 

School Construction

School Construction

MMS students selected the Phoenix as the school mascot.  This legendary bird represents rising up to meet and overcome challenges.  With that in mind, our Guidelines for Success reflect the phoenix with the acronym RISE UP:

  • R-Respect Yourself and Others
  • I-Inspire greatness
  • S-Strive for excellence
  • E-Exhibit integrity
  • U-Uphold standards
  • P-Promote community

 The school is honored to be named after Miss Earnesteen Milstead, who was a well-respected educator in the Pasadena district for many years.  Miss Milstead graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor of Science degree in Education in August 1941 and began teaching in Pasadena ISD at South Houston Elementary in September 1942.  While teaching, Ms. Milstead continued her education at the University of Houston, gaining her Master's degree in Education in 1946.  Ms. Milstead took a leave of absence to teach abroad in Germany for one year after which she returned to continue her career in Pasadena ISD.  In 1960 Ms. Milstead was chosen to open A.B. Freeman Elementary as principal where she served until her retirement in 1986.  Ms. Milstead was well known in the community for her love of children and ability to guide students and teachers to success.    



Teacher Photo

Milstead Middle School has received the following awards:

  • All STAAR Distinction Designations 2016 & 2018;
  • Honor Student Council School of Excellence 2016-2017;
  • America’s Healthiest Schools by the Alliance for a Healthier Generation,2018;
  • PLC Model School, 2019. 
  • Schools to Watch, 2021.

List of Principals

-Shannon Trejo 2007-2011
-Scott Pollack 2011-present